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Welcome to Thunderstruck Bonsai!  We offer a variety of services including regular maintenance, fertilization, pruning, short & long-term tree boarding, soil analysis, diagnosis, and more.  We also offer private lessons, workshops, and team-building/corporate events, so if you have an idea in mind but don’t know how to make it happen, let us help!

Please contact us via email, phone, or by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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Creating living art in St. Petersburg, FL. Zone 9b Registered Nursery
Open by Appointment Only
5381 78th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL


Phone: +1 727-266-6791


We went to the Bonsai and Brews at 3 Daughters last night and it was awesome! Larry is not only knowledgeable, he is kind. There was no concern about doing it “wrong”, they gave support and gentle guidance and encouraged us to be creative and tell a story with our bonsai styles. Larry’s passion for bonsai is contagious and he’s got a real skill for showing the beauty of the art. 10/10

Emily A.

St Pete, Florida

This place is a real hidden gem. Great selection of trees, all of which are in peak health. Everything from pre-bonsai to trees many decades old are on display. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. Support a local business instead of buying a tree at a big box store. Will definitely be back. 

Mitchell M.

Clearwater, FLorida

What an incredibly beautiful display of bonsai. He was extremely knowledgeable and meticulous in his craft! We bought 4 bonsai from him and wanted to replant them in the proper season. He was kind enough to make sure we had all the proper equipment and walk us through each step. I would highly recommend this business for any and all bonsai needs. HE ALSO DOES WORKSHOPS!!! How cool!!!!

Faye P.

Dunedin, Florida




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