Bonsai & Brews at Beerbusters Movie Bar

Bonsai & Brews at Beerbusters Movie Bar

“Make it because have strong root. Just like you, Daniel-San. Inside you have strong root. No need nothing except what inside you to grow.” – Mr. Miyagi

When was the last time you watched “The Karate Kid!?!”  Since 1984, the movie has given an unexpected introduction to the art of bonsai, and now we’re taking it a step further! Join us at Beerbusters Movie Bar in Pinellas Park for Bonsai and Brews!

This 2-hour event features a collaboration between Beerbusters Movie Bar and Thunderstruck Bonsai. You can expect to enjoy your favorite brews at a nostalgic blockbuster-themed movie bar while working side-by-side with local bonsai artists as you create your very own miniature masterpiece. No tools are required – We’ll start off by educating you on the basics of the art of bonsai, then we’ll get down to business: break out some tools and give you an overview of the process. You’ll choose a ceramic pot and pre-bonsai tree, and it’s time for some hands-on fun!  You will re-pot your own bonsai, practice pruning techniques, and more— while sipping on a cold one!

Newly opened Beerbusters in Pinellas Park sends you back in time with those familiar yellow walls and blue carpet, wall-to-wall shelves of DVDs, and movie posters all over, Beerbusters Movie Bar is a nostalgia-driven space that appeals to beer lovers, nerds, and movie buffs alike.

Bonsai and Brews is open to everyone, and all skill levels: from beginners who’ve never touched a tree branch before to seasoned experts who love working on their tiny trees in front of strangers. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends and family, or interested in learning more about the art of bonsai, book your ticket today.