Bonsai & Brews at Dented Keg Ale Works

Bonsai & Brews at Dented Keg Ale Works

Have you ever wanted your own bonsai, but didn’t know where to start? Join us at Dented Keg Ale Works for Bonsai & Brews in New Port Richey!

This event features a collaboration between Dented Keg and Thunderstruck Bonsai.  You can expect great beer, and even better company, while working side-by-side with local bonsai artists as you create your very own miniature masterpiece.

We’ll start off by educating you on the basics of the art of bonsai, then we’ll get down to business: break out some tools and give you an overview of the process. You’ll choose a ceramic pot and pre-bonsai tree, and it’s time for some hands-on fun!  You will re-pot your own bonsai, practice pruning techniques, and more— while sipping on a cold one!

No tools are required – This event is open to everyone, and all skill levels: from beginners who’ve never touched a tree branch before to seasoned experts who love working on their tiny trees in front of strangers. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the craft of bonsai (or really enjoy craft brews) but don’t know where to start, book your ticket now!