Bonsai & Brews at Grand Central Brewhouse | St Petersburg, FL

Bonsai & Brews at Grand Central Brewhouse | St Petersburg, FL

Join us for a captivating fusion of bonsai artistry and craft beer at Bonsai & Brews, hosted at the iconic Grand Central Brewhouse in St. Petersburg’s vibrant Grand Central District. 🌿🍺

Discover the synergy of Bonsai and Brews at Grand Central Brewhouse! 🌿🍺 This two-story brewery, nestled in the heart of St. Pete’s Grand Central District, offers an inviting space where creativity and community thrive. Here’s what awaits you:

Hands-On Fun: Learn the art of bonsai from local experts. Whether you’re a seasoned bonsai artist or a curious beginner, our hands-on workshops will guide you through the intricate process of shaping miniature trees.
Craft Beer: Sip on meticulously crafted beers poured from European-style serving tanks. From golden lagers to rich stouts, our brews pay homage to tradition while embracing innovation.
Free Beer: Yes, you read that right! Your ticket includes a complimentary beer. 🍻
Just Bring Your Creativity: Tickets include your choice of a pre bonsai tree, the pot, the soil, the wire and supplies, as well as hands-on instruction from multiple award-winning bonsai artists.

Join us upstairs at Grand Central Brewhouse for an unforgettable evening of bonsai, brews, and camaraderie. Reserve your spot now and let’s raise a glass to the art of living well! 🌳🎉