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Bonsai and Brews Workshop Instructor Larry Naeder Thunderstruck Bonsai
Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Bonsai and Brews Workshop Dwarf Jade Bonsai
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Bonsai and Brews Workshop Larry Naeder
Bonsai and Brews Workshop
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop Dwarf Jade Bonsai Repotting
Thunderstruck Bonsai and Brews Workshop Caledonia Brewing
Thunderstruck Bonsai
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Misty HeathMisty Heath
22:18 27 Apr 24
The venue was great. The instructor very knowledgeable and walked us through styling our bonsai. We had a great time.
Leonard MencioLeonard Mencio
15:30 24 Apr 24
What a great Birthday gift by my wife! She registered us last weekend with Thunderstruck Bonsai’s ,“Bonsai and Brews Event” for my Birthday, and we had a phenomenal time. Owner and Operators, Larry and Justine made the session of learning different aspects of bonsai creations so much fun. Both Larry and Justine are very approachable, friendly and a wealth of information. We got to pick our own tree, and pot to work on, while all the tools and materials were provided and ready when we got there. There was a short and extremely informative basic bonsai class with Larry and Justine (he was the artist, sort-of, lol), before working on our bonsai. Although given creative freedom, they both were great at getting around to everyone, coaching your pruning and designs, potting and wiring, if needed. When it’s all done… you have learned some of the basics, have a gentle grasp of bonsai designs, and best of all… you take your bonsai home!Loved this event, and we highly recommend this for any occasion! Great event, great guys and loads of fun… yes, the drinks were really good! A+
Chris LayChris Lay
10:38 19 Apr 24
Very enjoyable and informative evening. Thanks!!!!
Tiffany PotterTiffany Potter
17:16 18 Apr 24
Did the Bonsai class at Caledonia Brewing last night. A lot of fun! Selection of trees and pots was great. Instructions were easy to follow and instructors were amazing. Highly recommend. Can't wait to see how my Bonsai progresses
Stephanie AndreassenStephanie Andreassen
17:15 18 Apr 24
Great beginner workshop! Learned a lot and can’t wait to see how my new bonsai comes along!
Greg DaloisoGreg Daloiso
20:49 03 Apr 24
My wife and I had a great time and learned a lot. Would definitely do it again
Denise LeiderDenise Leider
20:45 23 Mar 24
Lot's of fun. Very knowledgeable instructor and they gave much needed assistance. Great atmosphere at Keel & Curley Winery too.
Shannon WagnerShannon Wagner
00:55 21 Mar 24
Annemarie SchrieverAnnemarie Schriever
20:25 20 Mar 24
This was such a an amazing experience!! So glad we did it. Wasn't relaxing and fun. Everyone is very nice!
My husband, and I decided to sign up and see what's this is all about. Thinking it's a quick here do this and move on. It was so much more and so fun. We got instructions on the different shapes and the different types of care to preform (with a follow up email with added reminders for care and upkeep). We got to pick from a variety of pots and were shown how to start and how to cut the plants! I will say I loved this and it was worth every penny.
Melissa FullerMelissa Fuller
21:12 19 Mar 24
We attended a group class and had a great time! They went over history of the bonsai and different types of trees. We trimmed our own trees (with help when needed) and had a wonderful night. It was nice to go home with our own tree.
Kristy RobertsKristy Roberts
09:49 13 Mar 24
Such a great experience! We learned a lot. The workshop was very hands on and we had a bunch of help. I’m excited to see how my tree turns out.
Kim MarkgrafKim Markgraf
05:07 08 Mar 24
We had so much fun with the bonsai and brews event put on by Larry! It was a super informative experience, and was so cool to learn the process and create something that we can keep up at home! I highly recommend it for a group event or date night out!
Stacey KeysStacey Keys
00:22 27 Feb 24
Seminar was fun and the location at Bonsai Beverage was a perfect location
Deena MurphyDeena Murphy
18:59 22 Feb 24
Great experience! The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful with teaching us about Bonsai techniques. Can’t wait to see how my tree evolves over time.
19:31 20 Feb 24
The 2 hour Bonsai seminar with Bonsai, potting material, and a real ceramic pot all included at Beerbusters was fun! The teachers/owners were knowledgeable and helpful. I found a tree and pot I loved and which spoke to me. I can't wait to do more with my little tree. They even found me a few clippings to start some more trees on my own. They followed up with care instructions. I've yet to read the instructions but I hope they will remind of about how to clip, water, and feed them. I only wish it was a bit longer so I could learn about connect with my table mates!
heather pfielheather pfiel
05:14 20 Feb 24
Amazing class! Amazing teachers! I left this class feeling inspired, and with a profound appreciation for the art of bonsai. The passion transcends from teacher to student! Thank you so much! Highly recommend to any and all! What a great experience!
Sally FrakesSally Frakes
13:15 18 Feb 24
Learned about the history of Bonsai and the Art of taking care of our precious species. Unique experience with Thunderstruck Bonsai.
M. Keith FoxM. Keith Fox
11:32 18 Feb 24
Bonsai & Brews was a great introduction to the Bonsai way of growing an authentic piece of art. Larry and his assistant were fantastic with their one-on-one attention in a group class—a shout-out to 3 Daughters Brewery.
Dana MDana M
01:23 29 Jan 24
We had a great time and we learned so much!!
Linda GasserLinda Gasser
22:26 23 Jan 24
My husband Lenny & I immensely enjoyed your recent session of Bonsai & Brews at 3 Daughters Brewpub at Clearwater BeachThanks so much for doing these programs! What a great idea & a great way to spread your love of this living & creative art to others! And, I expect I may have now begun a new hobby! We had such fun learning something new! I also appreciated the follow-up care guide you sent afterwards so our new bonsai trees will get off to a great start. Hope you keep these going & go to more places too!--Linda & Lenny (NYS & Sandkey)
Judith TaubJudith Taub
18:02 23 Jan 24
It was a really wonderful experience you learn a lot of information and bring home your own bonsai tree. Recommend for all
Evan RichardsonEvan Richardson
18:30 19 Jan 24
Went to one of the workshops. Very informative and a great time. Would recommend.
Abigail XiquesAbigail Xiques
02:19 16 Jan 24
We truly had a great time at this event! Thunderstruck had beautiful trees to pick from and they were very helpful with questions and suggestions.
Nanette AxibalNanette Axibal
22:23 15 Jan 24
Attended Bonzai & Brew and had a great learning experience. Highly recommended!
Amanda ShollerAmanda Sholler
20:40 15 Jan 24
Was very enjoyable and Knowledgeable
15:34 08 Dec 23
I attended the Bonsai and Brews event and loved it! All the supplies were provided, and it was fun and educational experience. Larry and Justin were also very helpful and attentive. I would highly recommend!
Chris RamosChris Ramos
04:26 20 Nov 23
Wife and I had an amazing time learning how to grow and care for Bonsais.
Barbara TravisBarbara Travis
14:44 13 Nov 23
I had so much fun and learned so much from this class! I would highly recommend Thunderstruck!
Darlene HillDarlene Hill
20:23 10 Nov 23
I had so much fun. Class was so informative and amazing. I truly enjoyed being able to pot and trim my own bonsai tree with the one on one help I had making it feel like I really did it myself. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to try bonsai! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Jo-Ann ChristinaJo-Ann Christina
16:26 10 Nov 23
Great fun! Lots of interesting information. Excellent personalized attention to all who attended.
Melanie PeekMelanie Peek
12:40 30 Oct 23
I would definitely recommend Bonsai and Brews! Larry and Justin did a great job educating us on the art of bonsai. They took the time to help each person step by step on how to pot them, trim them and care for them! I will definitely attend one of these events again! Thanks Thunderstruck💚
Guincho deeGuincho dee
14:00 20 Oct 23
This was so much fun!! I enjoyed learning about bonsai and how to keep my tree alive lol! Would not hesitate to attend another event and recommend this to everyone!!
20:13 18 Sep 23
I had a good time at the Introductory Bonsai Class by Thunderstruck Bonsai. The venue and drinks were good and the instructors were fun and helpful.
Man o man where do I start!!! This was an experience we can never forget!!! It was a nice date with my wife and she loved it!! We learned something new that day and appreciate this class so much. These dudes definitely are the real heroes. They are BONSAI tree legends!!
Luke HerchenbachLuke Herchenbach
13:34 26 Jul 22
Larry is amazing. I bought my first tree from him at a festival and just this past weekend I brought it back to him for confirmation that I’m not killing my plant, along with another bonsai I bought, that I am CERTAIN I was killing.He took the time to teach me how to prune my Jade and confirmed with me that my other plant isn’t dying. I was so impressed with his insights I ended up buying a second tree.This guy really knows what he is doing and I’m 100% looking forward to buying more trees from him in the future.
We went to the Bonsai and Brews at 3 Daughters last night and it was awesome! Larry is not only knowledgeable, he is kind. He had 2 assistants with him (Justin and I think his name was Kai?) who were also knowledgeable and kind. There was no concern about doing it "wrong", they gave support and gentle guidance and encouraged us to be creative and tell a story with our bonsai styles. Larry's passion for bonsai is contagious and he's got a real skill for showing the beauty of the art. 10/10
Faye PodlesneyFaye Podlesney
01:42 20 May 22
What an incredibly beautiful display of bonsai. He was extremely knowledgeable and meticulous in his craft!We bought 4 bonsai from him and wanted to replant them in the proper season. He was kind enough to make sure we had all the proper equipment and walk us through each step. I would highly recommend this business for any and all bonsai needs.HE ALSO DOES WORKSHOPS!!! How cool!!!!
johnny cagejohnny cage
12:08 04 May 22
The guy really takes care of these trees, i bought a few bonsai trees for a gift for my mother's bday, a couple Barbados cherry bonsai trees and the one you seen in karate kid. She loved them, now she has some new additions to her garden. Stop by and take a look for yourself, you wont be disappointed.Drew
Kate SommersKate Sommers
13:16 16 Apr 22
Thunderstruck Bonsai is one of the best bonsai places we've ever visited. We were very impressed with the quality and variety of the trees, and how they are so well cared for. That's not always the case at the nurseries by us but it's obvious Larry knows what he's doing and is passionate about it. He is a wealth of knowledge and patiently answered all our questions. We went with the intention of just looking around (we live in IL and are here on vacation) and left with 2 beautiful trees that were very reasonably priced and my son is crazy about. Thank you, Thunderstruck Bonsai! Fantastic place.

5381 78th Ave N, Pinellas Park, FL

Email: Larry@ThunderstruckBonsai.com

Phone: +1 727-266-6791




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